Open Street Map Data for Unity

A Unity Asset Store package which allows you to use any real world locations in Unity by providing access to Open Street Map data.

OSM Data

Map-ity accesses Open Street Map for any given location over the web. Use it to get a lists of roads, waterways and buildings to use in your scene!

Ease of Use

Map-ity has been designed to be very easy to use. Minimal setup is required, only a single component needs to be added to a GameObject.


Map-ity's code is clean, efficent & well documented. It's written to be easily understood.


Map-ity is compatible with lots of AssetStore packages. It uses basic data types to store it's structures to maintain high compatibility.

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Use real world location data in Unity!


Here you'll find Map-ity's documentation, manual & samples.


  • C# code


  • PDF manual


  • YouTube playlist

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Map-ity is developed and maintained by Rewind Game Studio.

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